Subway, Eat (the same as you would in the US or anywhere Subway is served) “Fresh”

Forgive me foodies, for I have sinned.

In a bind, famished, and lacking clear judgement from a lack of nourishment, I went to lunch at Subway the other day.  Despite the slogan “Eat Fresh” and an inspiring mascot (Jared), I have the feeling that Subway is anything but “fresh”.

Case and point: I walked into a Subway in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of France.  My nostrils flared with a sense of familiarity.  “This smells exactly like a Subway in the U.S.”  My smells were confirmed with a menu exactly like the U.S menu (albeit with funny French subtitles and French pronunciation of English words–chips become sheeps and cookie becomes kooky ).  The vegetables also confirmed the smells…the shredded iceberg, waterlogged tomatoes, and cucumbers all lacked a distinctive “je ne sais quoi”…flavor.

Sometimes, everyone needs a quick bite to eat.  But even in France, what is a food induced delirious English assistant to do?  How do we get fresh food in these establishments?

Meme en France...

Open for Business

P.S. My girlfriend, a wonderful,  intensely smart, charming, and funny girl, drinks Coca Cola by the 100 gallons.  Consumeristic Capitalism at its finest.  I love her.

Look at how happy Coke makes her!


One response to “Subway, Eat (the same as you would in the US or anywhere Subway is served) “Fresh”

  1. it’s not coca cola. it’s coca light.

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