Cultural Musings and Misgivings

When you think of French breakfasts, a warm baguette smeared with butter and jam might come to mind, right?  That is what I thought too.  Apparently not.

The Great Wall

I was strolling through the local supermarché (sometimes known as hypermarkets– it’s unclear why, do they have extreme energy?) and I gazed down the cereal isle.  What did I see, but a entire row of nothing but chocolate cereal.  Imagine rows upon rows of cereal containing nothing but the love child of chocolate and corn syrup.  I counted 33 distinctive types of chocolate cereal and muesli in that isle.  33.  For once in their existence, France has conquered the United States in something.  Touché.

Yes, the French have conquered the United States for the “Most Amount of Chocolate Cereal Ever in One Aisle of the Grocery Store” Competition!  Chocapic Pépites, Cocopops, Lion, Chokobille, Trésor, Crokawak, Petal Choco, Crunch–these are all brands of chocolate cereal in France.  There are even cereals for chocolate caramel, brownie chocolate, and chocolate hazelnut lovers.  They even have FITNESS chocolate cereal which guarantees a slimmer waist if you eat it once every six years!  AMAZING!  For a haute-cuisine crazed country such as France, this discovery is shocking.

As tempting as these cereals are, however, I am sticking to the traditional French breakfast of baguette, Bonne Maman, and plenty of Breton butter.  Maybe a recipe for homemade muesli and yogurt when the president of France pays me soon!

P.S.  Grocery carts in France are hilarious.  They are the equivalent of taking the short bus to school.  See pictures below for what I am talking about.


2 responses to “Cultural Musings and Misgivings

  1. the short bus carts are fun! enjoy the baguettes! Pat

  2. I am not going to know what to do once I get back to US regulation size carts! It’s like going from a Peugeot to a Hummer!

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