B for Bretagne

Brittany seems to have a thing for the B’s.  The Breton language, Butter, Brest, Bière, and most importantly, lots of beautiful Beaches.  Besides these B-words and a thou-shalt-not-be-named C-word (concrete), Brittany gave France buckwheat.  Buckwheat crêpes to be specific.

Let me extoll the virtues of French regional cuisine for a hot second.  I love France because there is great emphasis on a regional food culture.  Each region in France has its own specialty alcohol, cheese, and food.  For instance, the south of France has bouillabaisse and pastis (the former an intoxicating fish stew and the latter a toxic green licorice booze old Frenchmen drink).  Alsace has choucroute and sweet Riesling wines.  The Savoie has gooey raclette cheese and pinot gris/pinot noir wines.  Brittany stamps its mark on France by celebrating buckwheat crêpes, beer, and alcoholism.

From Brest to Rennes, crêperies abound by the hundreds.  It is only a slight exaggeration that there is nearly one crêperie per person in Bretagne.  If you are in the mood for a real crêpe, this is the region to taste one in.  There are savory crêpes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–anything from chicken, sausage, salmon, asparagus, truffles, and poached eggs is fair game.  Hypermarkets sell them prepackaged by the kilo.  Street vendors hawk crêpes à Nutella et Chantilly if you want something sweet.  Here are a few pictures of crêperies I have taken while in Brest and Brittany to give you an idea of the scope of this regional cuisine. Stay tuned for a recipe early next week for a few crêpe recipes you’ve never heard of….Bon weekend!

Editor’s Note:  Brittany does have the highest alcoholism rate in France.  No joke.  I will not, however, be contributing to this figure over the weekend with a few pints of dark beer…


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