(Two Burners and a Toaster Oven)^2

Two Burners and a Toaster Oven Makes a Sizzling Comeback After Much Anticipated Return to Blogosphere (Source: NYT Food Section)

In a well-timed publicity stunt the day after the biggest food holiday in America (Thanksgiving), Two Burners and a Toaster Oven creates a rousing stir of the proverbial wooden spoon by entering back into the blogging world.

Graduating from his “do-it-all” kitchen/bedroom/study/bathroom/despair-inducing one-room chamber in France, Two Burners is getting his mise-en-place in the greatest city east of NYC: Boston.  Two Burners invited us (the prestigious New York Times) into his kitchen to snoop around and see the new digs.

Fall Harvest, Old School Milk Bottle, Reading: Artsy.

UPGRADE! No more concrete schoolyard!

More space than the original

More room for wine glasses and beer steins!

Fully Stocked

A little personal touch

Two becomes FOUR! La piece de resistance!

Stay tuned in the coming days, weeks, months, and years for many more words of judicious intelligence on Boston’s food culture from this savvy epicure.


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