Holiday Fever

The holidays are the perfect time for family, food, and a quaff of booze.  With the holidays coming to a rousing end with New Years, I have had my fair share of family, food, and booze this holiday season (I am not drinking whiskey as I write this, I swear).  Regular posts have suffered, but I am healthier, not wealthier, but certainly wiser after this holiday season.  I have cooked up a storm and I can’t wait to pass on some nuggets of culinary gold to you.

I have been working on a new recipe involving a mysterious and rare ingredient not readily found on your grocery store shelves.  My job allows me access to almost every kind of vegetables/produce you could want.  I managed to score 40 pounds out of 120 pounds total in New England of this enigmatic ingredient through a certain wholesale distributor, name withheld.  Man, I’m like the Tony Montana of produce.  Buy high, sell even higher.

Anyways, this great ingredient is the purple sweet potato.



Take your traditional sweet potato, add purple food coloring, et voilà!  Har har.  The purple sweet potato is a different cultivar of your standard Ipomoea batatas, its purple color stemming from higher concentrations of anthocyanin (known to reduce the risks of cancer).  Mumbo jumbo aside, it’s purple, it’s badass, it’s a PURPLE SWEET POTATO.  I’m culinarily aroused and I don’t care who knows it.

Check back for a finalized recipe, but here are some pictures to get your hearts racing and your stomachs growling.  Have a hearty New Year!

Hot Potato! Bake, Slice, Admire.


Add Butter and Mmmmaple Syrup

A Little Whiskey Couldn't Hurt Could It?

One for the Recipe, One for Me!

Serve in Ramekins, Top with Brown Sugar, Enjoy with Roasted Chicken and Braised Carrots!

Photo Credits: Thanks Mom! Bisous.


3 responses to “Holiday Fever

  1. I want sweet potatoes in pink. Make it happen.

  2. Already made it happen. Two Burners and the Technicolor Sweet Potato coming to kitchens near you.

  3. This looks incredible! But who’s the guy wearing the hipsterish shirt in these photos?

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