1/1/11 1 Day Late!


Clean Out Your Pantry It's 2011! Sweet Potato with Tentacles.


11) Use fewer dishes. I’m a messy cook.  Not messy in the mise-en-place or food on the floor sense. I somehow manage to cook with approximately one million pots, pans, and cookware.  I tell myself that you can’t contain genius.  My girlfriend begs to differ.

10) Buy more cool kitchen tools. I probably do not need them/cannot fit them in my small kitchen, but damn it, I want them.  More kitchen tools for specific tasks will help me with number 11 right?  RIGHT?
9) Be a sponge. Not a kitchen sponge to clean all of the dishes that I just used, but to absorb any and every cooking and kitchen skill that I can.
8 ) Healthier homemade snacks for pet and human. 

We. Are. Whipped.

Don’t you just want to feed this little angel caviar sprinkled with unicorn tears and sugar?  I do. Healthier treats for Toby and for me.


7) Drink. More. Better. Booze. That doesn’t make sense and that’s OK with me.  Moral of the story is do not under any circumstance drink Lite beer.
6) Befriend more foodie friends. And not in the Facebook friend way either.
5) Start a taste journal. Record everything that I taste and use cool adjectives like gelatinous, mottled, and spice-dusted more often.
4) Eat like a vegetarian. Thanks to my girlfriend, I already do.  Everyone from Mark Bittman to Michael Pollen recommend eating like a vegan until dinner.  Well, good idea, but I can’t give up an egg sandwich for breakfast. Sorry, Bittman.
3) Make More Charcuterie. I will try and stick to number 4 but I still can’t resist some good butter fried in rendered duck fat. I want to learn how to make saucisson, bacon, and prosciutto.
2) Live farm-to-table. I sense farming again in my future…
1) Score a cooking job with a badass chef. Remember Chef Maws, I will listen, cook, clean and generally be subservient in the kitchen. I have references if you need them.

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