Ginger Soother

The Ginger Kids

The toll of  New Years festivities, work, and a peeing/pooping puppy has worn me down a bit and I’m trying to stay on the ups this cold and flu season.  You know, the night-time sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you apparently have boogers hanging out of your nose and no one bothers to tell you at work, thanks a lot co-workers, season.

Anyways, Mom always says that the best remedy for a cold is chicken soup.  The next best thing is drinking copious amounts of liquid.  Even more specific, tea is the crème de la crème.

At work, we sell a product at work called Ginger Soother, a potent mix of ginger, lemon, sugar, and water designed to give you a kick in your snot infested noggin like no other.  Normally, I love paying more for something than I have to.  Par exemple, I would much rather MAKE prosciutto for $60 per lb. than buy it for $9.99/lb.  That’s just me.  Even Dr. Phil can’t figure it out.  But paying $4.00 for a 12 oz drink just isn’t going to cut it this year.  So I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost.  Here’s what happened…

Scott’s Hot Ginge

1/2 Meyer lemon, squeezed ($.73)

1 tablespoons good local honey ($.50)

1 tablespoon ginger, grated ($.37)

1 cup hot water ($Free)

TOTAL: $1.60


Ginger is the focus of this recipe


Use a Meyer Lemon. It’s a cross between a lemon and an orange for a sweeter less tangy finish


Grate as much ginger as you can stand! Add a cup of hot water and feel better instantly!

There you go!  Drink a whole bunch of these and you’ll definitely feel better sooner.

The reason I'm sick. This angel.



2 responses to “Ginger Soother

  1. Add rum to feel even mo better. I mean, it can’t hurt. When you drink the whiskey, it kills the germs from the inside out.

  2. Whiskey drunk, sore throat gone. Miracle stuff.

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