Time to Break Bread.

This the easiest post I’ve ever written.  Not because it was that easy to write, since I’ve spent at least two agonizing hours trying to think of some humorous witticisms to include in this post.  Or maybe I just wasted the past two hours while deep into some Hendricks with the lady and praying that Natalie Portman will win an EGOT for Black Swan.  EGOT as in Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony.

The book is filled with gorgeous B&W photos. Thought I would follow suit.

No, this post is easy because I am already on my way to making my own sourdough bread, courtesy of Chad Robertson at Tartine Bread in San Francisco.  I received his book, Tartine Bread, as a gift to myself for the holidays.  The pictures alone make you want to pick up a couple pounds of flour, create a starter, and go!  Oh wait, I did that.  So far, the process has been pretty simple.  Combine flour and water, wait for a couple of days for the mix to bubble, add some more flour and boom.  Bread.  I know it’s not that easy and  I’m not really sure what I am doing yet, but keep on reading in the next couple of weeks to hear more about my experience baking bread.

Clearly a visual learner.

Combine Whole Wheat Flour and Bread Flour together

Fill a clear jar with lukewarm water, mix in flour.

Soupy is Poopy. You're going for thick consistancy.

That should do it. Add more flour until it becomes a thick batter with no lumps.

Cover with dish cloth and wait 2-3 days! HOW EASY IS THAT?!


3 responses to “Time to Break Bread.

  1. i thought we were posting about drinking!

  2. For all the baking I do at home, I shy away from making breads that require starters. I really need to get brave and just do it. Thanks for the step-by-step pictures!

    • Thanks for reading! I was worried at first but all you really have to do is put flour and water together and nature does the rest! The starter does require feeding like a baby, but unlike if you forget to feed a real child, this one is pretty forgiving…

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