Spirited Spirits

I’d say pretty much for the past year and a half, Scott has asked me to be a “guest blogger” on Two Burners, a request to which I respond negatively for the past… year and a half. Perhaps misguidedly, I believed that Scott had to first develop a voice for his own blog before bringing in my own (domineering, commanding, awe-inspiring) tone. Well, the young grasshopper has achieved just this. After Scott’s first comment from someone who wasn’t his mom, sister, or otherwise emotionally/moral(e)ly-obliged personnel, I decided it was time to take up the plume, as it were, and contribute on my favorite subject: drinks.


As my sister always says, one mixer is okay, but two mixers are classy. Taking this message to heart, Scott and I endeavored to find a way to incorporate all the things we love about drinking: snotty, small-batch products for “curious” tastes, overpriced French bottles, and (obviously) fresh-squeezed lime juice. Emboldened by my recent purchase, 4 double old fashioned glasses, we sought only the perfect drink with which to enjoy the Oscars.

Obviously we began with our favorite Hendrick’s gin. It’s smooth, crisp, slightly floral, and “curiously” delicious. Oh, and the secret: they infuse it with rose and cucumber. Sounds weird, tastes amazing. As we’ve been told by our in-the-know friend, you can’t drink Hendrick’s without Saint-Germain. What is this gift from God, you ask? Why, it’s elderflower liqueur hand-made by French monks. Duh. Just kidding… about the monks part. Seriously though, this is a labor-intensive spirit, and pretty hard to get your hands on (which is why we got the magnum bottle. Partially). The flowers can only be harvested once a year from some remote town the Alps. Then, as processing dilutes the flavors of the flower (explaining why elderflowers are usually non-alcoholic cordials), it is biked as fast as possible (by this man) to Saint-Germain HQ.  Anyway, as natural floral partners, Hendrick’s and Saint-Germain really pop together. A quick google search brought us to this Cucumber Cooler recipe. Since it’s not mojito season and we had no mint, it was easily excluded.

Down the hatch.

For 2 Servings (because, duh, who makes one?)

3 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1 1/2 oz Saint-Germain

1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice (I don’t mean to be all Ina-y, but it really makes a difference)

1/2 oz simple syrup (which, according to Martha, lasts six months in the fridge – so, no excuse.)

Shake with a couple large ice cubes in a shaker. Divide equitably. If you’re a perfectionist, like Scott, you have shaved some ultra-thin cucumber garnishes with a peeler, otherwise, you can just top it off with ice and soda water.



2 responses to “Spirited Spirits

  1. Having one. Right now.

    But with Bombay… acceptable?

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