F**k Yeah Kitchens

Source (Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss)

There is phenomenon taking over Internet.  No, it’s not Ms. Black’s rendition of “Friday“.  Instead, Internets is being taken over by  one f**k yeah site after the next.  Tumblr, the blogging platform that allows users to post pictures, text, music, video etc to their site, now has fan pages devoted to any and every imaginable thing in the world.  It is an homage to all things A.D.D.  Confused?  Allow me to illustrate…

A certain family member of mine loves FuckYeahMattyFresh, a page drenched with shirtless pictures of Glee’s Matthew Morrison.  Others might be more inclined to like FuckYeahGiselleBundchen or FuckYeah1990s (best decade yet?)

My favorite f-yeah tumblr is…wait for it…FuckYeahKitchens.  Does that make me cool, or the coolest?

I have browsed every single page on this tumblr imagining if I had the kind of coin to spend on my dream kitchen.  If anything, this site is great for inspiration and ideas.  Check out the F-Yeah Directory to see if any of your favorite interests/people/anything you can think of is on the list.  If not you can always create your own!  I’m still waiting for the F-Yeah Staub tumblr with sexy shots of enameled cast iron pans in use…


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