Simply Syrup

Sugah, Watah, Basil

I got summer on my mind, winter in reality.  As I’m sure you’ve all heard, it SNOWED on April 1 in Boston. April Fools? Sadly no. What a joke. In spite of this wintery mix (what does that even mean?), I decided to make something that will be perfect in the heat of summer. A sprucer-upper for cocktails, salads, desserts, cereal… The sky’s the limit here! You can make a simple syrup out of any herb (basil, rosemary, mint, lettuce, they are all fair game) with this secret ratio…. wait for it…. 1:1:1.

Sippin' on some Sizzurp

All you need is 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup _______. Choose your own adventure, folks! Obviously the more of whatever you add, the more potent the flavor.

Basil always makes me think of the dog days of summer; digging around in the weeds, sweating, pounding water and slinging veggies at the mercado. So, in the interest of a fiscal staycation, here was the final product:

Just the faintest color of green with a whole lot of basil kick

Potent in a Basil Gin Gimlet

Spiked Basil Lemonade with Vodka


3 responses to “Simply Syrup

  1. Elise Franklin

    i like the pink one.

  2. Noticing a trend in these blog posts . . . centering around alcohol . . . not that there’s a problem with that!

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