Apéro chez nous?

Let's go Apéro

Last night, my girlfriend and I hosted an “apéro” for friends at our apartment.  Apéro, short for apéritif, is as quintessential a French tradition as any.  Much like the government going on strike for financial infighting.  That doesn’t sound familiar at all…

An apéro is a chance to unwind from a stressful 35-hour work week and a pseudo transition between lunch and dinner, a fancy French way of saying happy hour, bar nuts not included.

As the host of a party, an apéro is a great way to entertain friends without having to be a slave at your own house.  No more sweating and swearing in the kitchen while you overcook the entree and worry about who-sits-where, you can actually mingle and enjoy being with your guests.  All you need to do is put together one crowd pleasing alcoholic punch, a handful of finger foods and voilà–you’re in business!

For our apéro, Elise and I served a hefty amount of white sangria, a selection of cheeses, crackers, meats, spiced popcorn, chips, veggies, dips, and Endives au Boursin.  This is a wham, bam, thank you maam recipe.  Less time cooking means more time sipping on sangria.

Boursin, Creme Fraiche, Endive, Salt n' Pepper, Lemon Thyme

Whipped. Whip half a package of Boursin and 2 tablespoons creme fraiche together. Salt and pepper to taste

Chop off end of endive and separate leaves

Spoon the mixture onto leaves, garnish with lemon thyme, and serve on brand new serving platter (thanks Mums!)


One response to “Apéro chez nous?

  1. Very cool! I am very proud of you, my son! Love and miss you! Daddio

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