Schlepping in the Rain

Sure April showers bring May flowers, but where’s the ditty about how August showers bring sunflowers?  Speaking of, what would sunflowers bring, surely not Pilgrims.

It’s August, and it’s the busiest time of year on the farm.  We are hustlin’ and bustlin’, keeping up with six busy farmers markets, a farm stand, wholesale orders, and harvesting all of summers bounty by the seat of a well-worn pair of Carhartts. For the past few days, however, I traded in my pants for some rain bibs.  When it’s the middle of the busy season, there is no weather that will stop a farmer from harvesting tomatoes.  Not even a little monsoon and mud…

I take that back.

My boss and I had a conversation during said rain storm:

Boss: “Whatever you do, don’t drive the truck down any of the roadways.”

Me: “Oh sure thing, mmmhmm, OK, yup, got it.”  I swear I was listening, El Presidente, Patron, Senor.

"Boss, the truck is stuck." OH THE SHAME!

Part of the problem

Ready for the Rain. Watering can included.



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