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Please excuse my absence.  This is what I’ve been up to.

Robert Frost House, NH

SDC Found Home

Johnny Appleseed?

Country Road


Moving from Gin to Whiskey and Mezcal

"Dsecrlamb" Eggs

Butt Nut Squash

Peeled, Chopped, Shipped

Allis...Allis Chalmers


Can't wait to visit my sister!


Farmer Scott

Cooling off with some Porscht-Poor Mans Borscht

Ask me about my winter squash

Many thanks to Ellen Watson for taking these photos and being an all-star at the farmers markets and farm stand!

Speaking of a Bumper Crop…

A Real "Bumper" Crop--Rye Sprouting from the Bumper of the Dodge

A Great Season for Cantaloupe

Watermelon by the Ton

Anybody have any ideas for what to do with approximately 334,030,203,304,303 watermelons and cantaloupe?

Something’s Missing…

Something is missing and I can’t tell what it is…


Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Rock You Like a Hurricane

For the most part, the farm has held up pretty well against Hurricane Irene. While the wind tipped over most of the corn and decimated the zucchini, almost all of the other crops have been spared any serious damage. After a few days of recuperating, we are back at it full-throttle heading into September.

The only thing missing is electricity from my house…the power lines across the street took a bigger beating than any crops! Be back online as soon as LIPA gets it’s act together.



Schlepping in the Rain

Sure April showers bring May flowers, but where’s the ditty about how August showers bring sunflowers?  Speaking of, what would sunflowers bring, surely not Pilgrims.

It’s August, and it’s the busiest time of year on the farm.  We are hustlin’ and bustlin’, keeping up with six busy farmers markets, a farm stand, wholesale orders, and harvesting all of summers bounty by the seat of a well-worn pair of Carhartts. For the past few days, however, I traded in my pants for some rain bibs.  When it’s the middle of the busy season, there is no weather that will stop a farmer from harvesting tomatoes.  Not even a little monsoon and mud…

I take that back.

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Tarte aux Tomates

This recipe is so simple, I had to ennoble it by giving it a French name.  Everything sounds mieux en français, non?  Here is a quick and dirty recipe I made from start to finish in 35 minutes.

Mr. Stripey heirloom tomato from the farm

PREP: Preheat oven to 375.  Take one sheet of frozen puff pastry out of freezer and thaw.  Take your tomato (perhaps one grown by you or from a farmer nearby to you) and slice it thinly.  Round up your olive oil (I used lemon-infused), coarse sea salt, pepper, and any herb you want to season the tart with (I used oregano but rosemary or thyme would be banging too).

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:  Lay the puff pasty on a parchment lined baking sheet and poke holes all around the bottom so that the crust does not balloon during cooking.  Arrange the tomato slices on the pastry so that they are not overlapping but close together (if they overlap you get a soggy crust–woof).  Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes, 40 minutes if you like your crust crizzzzpy.  Et behn, voila, c’est fait!


A true Patriot dinner

P.S.  For a more authentique French recette, spread a little Dijon mustard on the tart before arranging the tomatoes!